Digital Image Forensic - Image Forensic: Manipulated



Has it been manipulated?

A picture is worth a thousand words, but interpreting an image raises a lot of questions:

  • Are all given informations plausible where and when the image was taken?
  • Are the image signals specific for the device used. Are parameters like signal-noise ratio, image noise image size or resolution and aberrations equivalent with those in our reference database?
  • Are any geolocation tags given in the image file?
  • Did the device already exist, when the image was taken? Or are the tag values regarding the moment of capture backdated?
  • Are physical aspects like light , illumination other factors plausible?
  • Is the image a part of a series of images coming from the same device?


Digital Image Forensic helps you answering questions like these. We are detect traces of image processing, editing ormanipulations and expose forgries. Take a look at our example page.