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Image forensic services


Individual analysis

Digital Image Forensic verifies if images are authetic or tampered.

Based on our reference database with 8740 device-fingerprint entries from 929 manufactures. and 9522 image editing software entries. [as of Dec. 2018] image authentication is performed quickly an reliably.

More than 776 software modules (algorithms) in our framework will guarantee a comprehensive approach to detect tampered images.


Digital Image Forensic we analyze image data pools no matter if they contain only a few or a million image data sets.

Research work has shown that approximately 10 percent of all images submitted to a lifescience journal were tampered. These figures are also set i a scientific paper dealing with insurance fraud (property insurance, liability insurance and motor vehicle insurance). Here as well 10 percent of all notofications of claim are fraudulent.

Our screening software examines up to 44 files per second on traces of image editing software. In other words screening provides an important contribution to fraud prevention.


Digital Image Forensic hat gutachterische Erfahrung seit 2008 und bereitet die Ergebnisse der Analysen für sie auf Wunsch gerichtsverwertbar auf.